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Saw this post on the Facebook page of Jada Pinkett Smith and I had to share.



I read the first part and sat there entranced by her logic, boggled that this idea hadn’t occurred to me before. It is a simple concept: by degrading women, men degrade themselves. It is very similar to the argument that the oppressor also oppresses himself when oppressing the oppressed–a view made popular by Paulo Freire’s work Pedagogy of the Oppressed. I really sat there in awe. This is only part of the post. The rest reads as follows:




Do you agree with the points that she’s making? Does a man degrade himself by “tricking” at the same time that he degrades the woman he passes off too? Oftentimes, I’ve seen skirt chasers as men with a sort of power over women. When in actuality, at least according to Smith, they are just as lost as the women they do dirty. So I had this Kanye West “All Falls Down” moment, where I thought about how truly profound he was to say, “we’re all insecure, I’m just the first to admit it”. There are many many foolish things we do when lacking Love for self. Think about it.



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