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What “Good Guys” Need to Know About Women & Sex

My fancy was quite tickled when I came across this bit of truth in the article “Yes Being A Good Guy Means You Have to Wait for Sexthat one of my male readers turned me on to. The article details the escapades of a woman who has sex quickly with guys she’s not interested in to get rid of them–playing on the idea that a man will get bored with a woman he sleeps with too early–for her own benefit. The thought that jerks who put in no effort for sex will often get to sleep with the same woman that made him wait, frustrated my friend. He followed with an excellent point arguing that in response, men will just stop being good guys. And interestingly enough, I could not debunk the jerk, yes! nice guy, no! mating behavior as myth. I, too, had done precisely what this woman had done understanding clearly that when you give up the buns guys don’t call you back. But what the guys didn’t realize is that I didn’t want to be called back. So because we were on the same page, we could sleep together and move on. When a man comes along though–that I could actually have something with–suddenly I was on “lockdown”. So maybe just maybe, if she’s not sleeping with you, you should take it as a compliment! Because that woman wants to give you the best of what she has to offer–not just sex. All my good fellas can check out the article here and weigh in. Do you think this system rewards jerks over good guys? Or do you not mind putting in more work because the end reward will be greater than more notches on your belt?

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