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“How to Know He Loves You: Stress Him the Hell Out”

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I can’t be the only woman that has constantly had to get used to the way a man shows his Love. From mowing your lawn for you to picking you up from the airport late at night, the language of man Love can be a lot more walk than talk. Even though he may do for you, he’s not nearly as gifted with gab. And sometimes we women just want to hear his Love worded really nicely–like the guys do in the movies! Or as Mr. Right-For-Now might put it “now THAT’S a get back speech”. So if you’re still a little lost in translation, from the mouths of men I present to you How to Know He Loves You: Stress Him the Hell Out ( Fellas, do you agree that a woman can find out if her man truly Loves her by stressing him out? Do men only stress out over women they Love?

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  1. Dumbest idea since the Pet Rock, or maybe just as dumb as a rock. Please ask yourself this: would you accept this kind of abuse (and that’s what it is) from a woman friend? Can you tell me why any man would stand for this kind of mindless “testing”? Would you let him “stress you the hell out”? Why?

    • I believe the article is more so about men appreciating a woman with a backbone that can stick to her guns and have the difficult conversations. So it doesn’t mean stress him out like blow up his phone, embarrass him in public, and slit his tires lol. Those types of things are definitely abusive. It means stress him out like bring up the issues that matter to you–even if that leads to an argument. It means stress him out like challenge his views, his actions, and his fears. Stress him out because you’re not afraid to say the things that may hurt his feelings but make him better. I certainly would (and do) let my man stress me the hell out in that way and I would (and do) appreciate him for it. A relationship can’t be 24 hours of rainbows and butterflies. I don’t think that’s “testing” I think it’s just tough Love. And difficult times and struggles make people better!! Because, to quote John Legend, “Love hurts sometimes if you do it right”.


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