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Are You Addicted to the Pipe?

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“How many of you ladies have an emotional addiction? You are a slave to the ‘Pipe’ that you call a PENIS. You will tolerate any type of treatment, any form of degradation or disrespect to have it and to keep it. You are an emotional crack head. You will steal to get it. Married men, men in relationships are not off limits. From her vagina to your mouth. An addict never ask where the pipe has been…”

Saw this posted on my Facebook news feed from a group called “Black Women Who Want More”. And it made me wonder, how many of us are addicts and don’t know it? How much of your life have you sacrificed, compromised, and endangered for the pursuit of the pipe? It’s interesting that many men use “pipe game” as a euphemism for sex. Although I think it more so came from the plumber/maintenance man analogy, maybe the likening of sex to drugs is more accurate. And when I ask this question, I’m not only talking to single women switching from bed to bed. I’m curious about married women and women in relationships as well. What is your relationship with sex and with your partner? Is it at a healthy level? Could you abstain if you had to–maybe because of sickness or what have you? Or are you addicted? Is it okay to be addicted to one pipe as opposed to many? Please post your thoughts!

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