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Vulnerability is the New Black

I foresee vulnerability coming back into style. As we continue to watch the successful black woman achieve everything career wise but come home to an empty bed, we will suddenly understand that vulnerability is the key. And we will wear it proudly in the fashion of women like Michelle Obama, who has managed a career and a family. Our hard exteriors will melt away and it will become cool to be authentic, soul bearing, compassionate and grateful. Bad Girls Club, music videos, and Housewives ATL will be bad jokes and caricatures of a distant past— of a black woman who no longer exists. As the women who came before us continue to share their successes in life but their failures in Love, we will learn from their mistakes. And we will honor their experiences by doing better than them. I see Love and family in our future. Vulnerability will be the new Black! Let’s work to bring it back!

Just something I was thinking about. Happy Black History Month & look out for my next piece, 13 Reasons Why I Love Black Men!

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Summer Rain. Whispers me to sleep and wakes me up again. Sometimes I swear I hear it call my name. You wash away the pain. My summer rain.

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