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Join the DEBATE on Casual Sex!!

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  1. Hmm, I voted yes but most of you voted no. I guess I’m out of line with the way many girls think but I personally am a big fan of casual sex and I work for a dating site that promotes it. I think if you like sex and you’re careful, what is there to lose?

    • It just depends on the woman and her attitudes about sex. Many women haven’t had positive casual experiences–and when I say experiences, I’m talking about the actual act. I’ve actually had much better sex within the confines of a relationship. So one thing I have to lose is an orgasm lol. Maybe that’s just a mental thing for me but I have to be true to self and to my body.

  2. please do my poll its about casual sex is wrong or not ? because in my class room have assingment to collect data in that topic and analyse then present at class room

    this is link to do poll

    thank you very much ^ ^


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