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Letter from the Editor

New Year…New Breath…New Life…New Me

Hello y’all!!

Omg you don’t know how much I’ve missed you guys!!!!! I cannot tell you all I’ve been through from having my laptop die on me, to dealing with family issues, to finally getting two new jobs–life has found many a ways to keep me from you all. And from my writing. Though these things have been both positive and negative, it feels good to talk to you again. AND what a lovely surprise to come back to my baby, my Misadventures to find that you guys have not abandoned me at all. It seems that November and December were very busy months with record breaking numbers! You guys are still reading me and enjoying me and I Love you for that! Whether you found out about me from Facebook, or Twitter, or Tumblr (Yes, I’m on them all!!!), I appreciate your comments, your eyes, your Love. It’s been a helluva journey. And I got a lot more stories to tell. Many things have changed and others have stayed blessedly the same. So keep spreading the word. Know that even when I’m away, there’s not a moment when I’m not thinking about what I can tell you guys next (Seriously, ask Mr. Right-For-Now who is starting to look a lot more like Mr. Right-Forever hehe)! Anyway, it’s a brand New Year and my heart is filled with so much Love so I just wanted to say Thank You to you guys. Thank You for Loving me because I LOVES me some you! Believe that. If you’re ever lack in Love, there will always be Love here at the Misadventures.

Yours deeply,

Ms. Not-Right-Now

About P.R. Cheek

Summer Rain. Whispers me to sleep and wakes me up again. Sometimes I swear I hear it call my name. You wash away the pain. My summer rain.

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