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“Shocking Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Relationship”

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Romantic relationships remind me a lot of piñatas. We whack and we whack and we whack at them–incessantly, blindfolded. Until one day, they break. All the good things spill out, ready to be ravished by the vulture known as single life (and I’m only half-joking. Because when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, single life can and WILL eat you alive!) Suddenly, nothings left but a decorated carcass. And you’re wondering how the two of you even got to that point. Oftentimes, people don’t see the harm they’re doing to their relationship until it’s too late. But if we took the time to do check-ins, tune-ups, and check-ups we’d have less of a mess on our hands in the end. As the saying goes, “check yourself before you wriggety wreck yourself.” (yes, I did attempt to spell wriggety)


Cosmopolitan, the relationship bible for many, makes some interesting points in “Shocking Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Relationship.” I have indulged in a few of these bad habits and I’m sure many of you have as well. So why not change things before you beat your relationship to a pulp? Because I promise you, the result will NOT be loads of candy. Check the article out here!

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  1. very well written! i like this.

  2. thankyou!! I really appreciate that!


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