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Who is Ms. Not-Right-Now?

In the world of the Mr. & Mrs. Rights and the Mr. & Ms. Right Nows, I find myself stuck somewhere in the unknown. Being below the average marrying age but above the age of guiltless emotionless sex with near strangers,  I’d like to consider myself between a rock and a hard place–literally (think about it for a sec, LOL!). But most of those against mindless sex or genetically incapable of playing the field, opt for monogamous relationships. And the most serious of the serious make legit plans for marriage. I am not at all opposed to these serious arrangements. Rather, these arrangements are opposed to me.

I’ve heard it phrased several ways from various sources but the point remains the same, intelligent women suck at relationships (Find out why in this post from And unfortunately, life continues to prove I am NOT the exception, I am the RULE. Why? Well I have no problem taking full responsibility for this one. For one reason or another, I have probably dated every undateable imaginable. From Mr. Ex-Con to Mr. Lies-About-Everything-But-His-Name, I’ve managed to pick up more trash than Philly’s current anti-litter campaign. So recently, I’m doing a little soul-searching to find out why I am relationship impaired. Stay tuned and maybe  just maybe (clicks heels three times) my self-discovery will help some of the other Ms. Not-Right-Nows out there.

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  1. HEY CUZZO!!!

    “Intelligent women suck @ relationships”–> I’ve really been thinking about this topic this entire week [in part because we’re studying relationships in my Health Science Class] lol. Well, i’m think I’m going to digg ur blog. Maybe I’ll learn some things about myself and my relationship woes as u discover yourself. =)

    && Rock && a hard place?? *pricelessly funny*

  2. So im wondering why im just now seeing this one ???
    Anyway I LOVE IT…bt UNFORTUNATELY…I QUIT…”LOVE IS A LIE” (mz.b u always manage to get us in trouble shes gonna KILL US for this) LOL…GREAT JOB !

  3. Nope not mad. See what I learned today is You can quit on Love my dear but Love won’t quit on you!! So there!! (hahaha nanny nanny boo boo!!)


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